Almost everyone has heard of some statement of the butterfly effect, the most common being “It has been said that something as small as a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a typhoon halfway across the world”. While the extremity described in the quote is very rare, the butterfly effect is a just one example of a branch of mathematics called Chaos Theory, which we will be discussing at a very basic level in this article.

Chaos Theory, at an extremely basic level, studies how small changes can affect large scale systems. …

In my previous 2 articles, I demonstrated creating installing Jenkins, and creating a Pipeline in Jenkins. In this article, I will demonstrate generating email notifications for your pipelines.

Installing the Required Plugins

Once logged into Jenkins, click on the “Manage Jenkins” tab. Click on “Manage Plugins” and you’ll arrive at a screen like this:

Switch to the “Available” tab. In the search box, enter “email” and install the two selected in the image below:

Selenium is a powerful tool that simplifies and automates web testing. It is the UI automation framework of choice among millions of developers, primarily for its simplicity and fluidity. In this article, I will cover setting up selenium to use with Python, and writing a simple script.

For this article, I will assume both pip and python are installed. If you don’t have these installed on your computer, you can find links here: install pip, install python

We first install selenium by opening a terminal and running the following command:

pip install selenium

To make sure selenium is installed, open…

This is part 2 of my series on deploying Jenkins to create an efficient CI/CD Pipeline. In part one, I covered installing and launching Jenkins on a CentOS instance. In this article, I will cover creating and scheduling Jobs.

Creating a Job

Log onto Jenkins and sign in as the admin user. Click ‘New Item’, and you’ll arrive at a screen like this:

Jenkins Project Creation

Select ‘Freestyle project’, enter a valid name, and hit ‘OK’. …

As a software engineer, one of my duties is to run QA tests on our products to make sure there are no crucial bugs that hinder user experience. It can be tedious to manually run these tests weekly, or even daily, which is where a CI/CD or Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment Pipeline like Jenkins comes in. Jenkins allows us to automatically run tests weekly, daily, hourly, or even on commit to a repository. …

Aniruddh Venkatesan

Senior at Cupertino High School with a few years of experience in python, java, and UI technologies. Currently a software engineering intern at a tech startup.

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