Generating Notifications for your Jenkins Pipeline

In my previous 2 articles, I demonstrated creating installing Jenkins, and creating a Pipeline in Jenkins. In this article, I will demonstrate generating email notifications for your pipelines.

Installing the Required Plugins

Once logged into Jenkins, click on the “Manage Jenkins” tab. Click on “Manage Plugins” and you’ll arrive at a screen like this:

Switch to the “Available” tab. In the search box, enter “email” and install the two selected in the image below:

Click “Install without restart” and wait for the plugins to finish installing.

Once the plugins have installed, navigate to the Jenkins homepage and click “Manage Jenkins” -> “Configure System”. Scroll down to the “Email Notification” section and copy the information in the image below into the fields:

Make sure to enter your email and password in the “User Name” and “Password” sections. Add a test recipient email and click the “Test configuration” button. Check the inbox of the email you listed, and make sure you have received an email from Jenkins.

Head over to the pipeline you would like to generate notifications for. Select the “Configure” tab on your pipeline to arrive at a screen like this:

Switch to the “Post-Build Actions” tab and select “E-mail notification”. In the Recipients box, enter the emails of the people who need to be notified with every build. Make sure to apply and save your changes.

You have successfully set up a Jenkins pipeline that generates notifications for each build!

Thanks for reading.